British Airways

Exclusivity Returns.

Designing a truly first class experience.

Honour has spearheaded the design of a new series of luxury British Airways lounges, called the Concorde Bar, exclusively for the airlines FIRST customers.

British Airways approached Honour to help them bring exclusivity back for their first class passengers. In a world where the very definition of luxury has been redefined and the mystique has been lost, we wanted to create a space for the modern discerning passenger whose time is short and expectations high.

We designed the Concorde Bar to give British Airways’ FIRST customers a dedicated and intimate space, with an elegant and timeless interior. The focal point is a cabinetry wall bar crafted in blackened oak, akin to the kind you would find in a private residence. The discrete branding and entrance to the Concorde Bar has created an air of mystique to the lounge, offering an exclusive space for those in the know.

The first lounge opened at the end of September 2015 in Singapore’s Changi Airport and this month in Dubai.