Reports  |  10 September 2014

On retail

Digitisation of shopping.

The digitisation of shopping and the influx of new buying formats which retail continues to unleash are transforming terminals into strategic hotspots for retailers at every level of the market. Highlighted below, is a small selection of services, formats and technology many brands can look to for inspiration when trying to capture individuals in transit.

At Burberry’s flagship emporium, large screens throughout the store bring the brand alive with regular fashion shows and events. Merchandise is embedded with chips that can be read by screens and mirrors using radio-frequency identification technology (RFID). For example, fitting room mirrors relay footage of a particular garment on the catwalk or details of how it was crafted, further enriching the story-telling opportunities.

Dramatically if a customer orders a bespoke raincoat all the screens across the store play a digital rain shower, with noise and scents of fresh rain being pumped around the store.

Argos has updated its previously catalogue only store format for the digital age, aiming to forge a stronger link between customers’ in-store and online shopping habits.

Speed is also integral to the new concept. A new, 60-second fast track collection station is available to shoppers who have prepaid online – an initiative designed to free up sales staff.

Audi’s digital showroom aims to offer customers a more personal and tailored experience, courtesy of some serious digital innovation.

Here customers can try out different colour combinations and interior finishes, as they customise the car to their individual preferences.

Using the 1:1-scale screens, consumers are able to further refine their ideal vehicle specs from a range of in-depth & visualized options.