Regus – Landing the Future


Landing the Future.

Designing the next generation of airport work space.

Airport lounges are for frequent flyers, right? For premium class travelers who pay above the odds for the privilege? Well, not any more.

Our client had spotted a gap in the market – for purpose built, pay on entry business spaces that don’t depend on the seat you booked or the fare you paid. Our brief? To deliver ‘the chosen destination to do business, at airports’.

Our challenge was simple but not straightforward. To create a space that persuaded customers to pick Regus over Starbucks or other airport lounges.


The answer was to create a perfectly balanced mixed use space – all the cutting edge business facilities you might require, plus a philosophy you might not: anti-jetlag! Natural sunlight, showers to refresh, a comfortable and bright environment, just the right revitalizing juice…. to leave you feeling revitalised for the world outside.

The result is a cool, calm, welcoming, relaxing space open to any passenger, from any airline, any travel class, any size, shape and form.

Allowing a typical economy passenger to experience the full VIP treatment – and business nomads to get the job done – this is the future of flying, designed from the ground up, with Honour.