Reimagining the way to fly.

Delivering a strategy for innovation.

Simple in conception, difficult to execute, the vision and ambition of Etihad is clear and unequivocal – to be the best.

It was our job to help them achieve it. In 2008, the airline put together a consortium of agencies, each charged with a role in developing, designing and delivering the highest possible standards of customer experience. Our role? To act as the central point of contact and control, establishing the core creative strategy and ensuring that the whole creative project ‘glued’ together.

We started with an extensive ‘co-creation’ process that helped us understand what the ‘future of flight’ might be, Then came the creative idea – ‘a luxury boutique hotel with Arabic modernism’.

‘a luxury boutique hotel with Arabic modernism’

Reflecting the attitude and aesthetics of Abu Dhabi, the idea was to create a world that expressed excellence, authenticity, diversity and luxury. True to the heritage of the region, yet international and contemporary in outlook, the idea and its execution represented the best of the best.


Then it was time to create. The result is the most bespoke airline customer experience ever created; from seats to galley design, soft furnishings to menu, in-flight service approach to in-flight entertainment, each is an emotional chapter on the passenger journey.

In 2013, Etihad won the “World’s Leading Airline – First Class 2013” World Travel Awards.

Etihad means ‘union’ – and we like to think we played a significant art in creating a ‘union’ for the airline; between agencies and client, strategy and creativity, airline and passenger, head and heart.



See the brand strategy come alive with Etihad’s latest commercial, showcasing the new experience onboard the A380 aircraft.