Thomson Airways

Welcome to the Club

Redefining the long-haul passenger experience

Sadly, it can often be difficult to discern a difference in the airline holiday market. However, inspired by fact that they were to be the first in the UK to fly the innovative new Dream liner – Thomson saw the opportunity to push the boundaries of what is possible. And so they talked to Honour.

The big question: how to match the Thompson brand experience with the quality of the Dreamliner? We began with a brand essence – well-being – and looked at what this might mean for a holiday passenger. Emotion is everything, so we looked to create a powerful emotional core to the creative concepts.

Key was BEAT – our creative springboard – a unique psychological process which focuses on the way human beings experience stimuli – sensory, intellectual, behavioural and social. This helped us define a clear focus for every touchpoint.

This was manifested in the idea of The Club – which brings a beach atmosphere and attitude to the guests.

To execute, we worked with our client to develop a radical new cabin brand strategy and then worked with Boeing to ensure the onboard experience delivered on the promise.

Now, as soon as you step aboard, your holiday begins.