Regus - defining a new way of working


The Thinking Place.

Helping Regus change the world of work.

Work is changing. In a complex, technically-interconnected world, flexibility, mobility and convenience are increasingly prized. So we took an idea to our client, Regus.

Think of office space as one might think about joining a gym – unlimited access, or, alternatively, a one-day membership for those in need of a more temporary, contemporary space.

Think of a home away from home for business people on the road, a creative space for the young innovator, or a scalable environment for the entrepreneur a working space designed to fit the way you work.


We worked closely with the client to sharpen the proposition, develop the design, and launch the flagship site in Berkley Square featuring our own brand of innovative product design, including Think Pods – more private than a desk, more open than a cubicle – a library-themed room, private meeting spaces available for the day or the hour, and state-of-the-art teleconferencing and audio visual.

Add to this the vibe, service and exclusivity of a private members club, and its subsequent success has led to an international rollout.

From concept to final delivery, it has been an Honour.