Reports  |  18 May 2015

Milan Furniture Fair 2015

Our Top 5

After months of anticipation and preparation, it happened, we went to Milan! Unlike fashion, the furniture world has only one season starting in April when the Milan Furniture Fair opens and the city is flooded with pop-up shows, events, talks, and satellite showrooms. Designers, suppliers and trend gurus all come together with one aim – explore the latest in furniture and lighting design and get inspired… without forgetting the bonanza of aperitivi and parties!

We started our trip by going to the incredibly vast Fiera Milano. Water bottle in hand and smile on our faces we tackled the crowd to absorb all the latest products the world has to offer.

So here’s a quick look at top 5 products that stood out for us at this years show.

1. MOOOI’S rocking horse
Because adults are all children deep down. Moooi and their Creative Director, Marcel Wonders created an adult size rocking unicorn. Only sold during the show, this mobile animal made us smile & chuckle… and yes, we were lucky enough to have a go!

2. KINETURA’s metamorphic lights
Belgian company KINETURA combines light modulation and physical transformation to create metamorphic lights. Their New York light opens slowly, gradually letting light through. Other products included the Tokyo light that can be recessed into any surface. The key to this product was the timing, it is subtle, and unless you stare at the light it would be difficult for you to notice it is moving. The Tokyo lights in the stand walls were all on a different timer, which made the wall look like a living entity. This product was for us the most innovative of the Euroluce show.

3. PATRICIA URQUIOLA for Glass Italia
Iridescence is of the essence! We saw a lot of iridescent and prismatic finishes in the show but the Shimmer series designed by Patricia Urquiola for Glass Italia was our favourite. The range includes a mirror, tables, and wall shelving. By using Dichroic films the nuance of colours varies according to the incidence angle of the light and to the vantage point, creating an ethereal and magical feel to the piece.

4. KARTELL’s home fragrance
Launched in January 2015, Kartell’s home fragrance collection is a good example of how furniture brands can branch out to sell a complete lifestyle offer. With eight scents and four different types of diffusers in various shapes and colours, the home fragrance collection allows up to 70 combinations. Linking form to function we thought the diffusers were absolutely gorgeous and still retained the KARTELL aesthetics.

5. PLURAL by Pedrali

More on the functional contract side of things, Plural by Pedrali is a great bench seating product. It’s versatile components enables multiple combinations. It’s minimal look with curved details is pleasing to the eye. Equipped with very useful USB ports – this seat is a great alternative to typical airport seating.