McDonald's - Perfect Fit


Perfect Fit

Helping McDonald’s find the right fit for their uniforms

In response to a changing marketplace, McDonald’s listened to their customer’s desire to emphasise environmental awareness, sustainable practices and product provenance.

As part of this process, Honour were asked to undertake a ‘uniform design strategy’ – that is, how could McDonald’s express their brand through the clothes their people wear?

We began by listening. What does the staff want? What don’t they like? What do they want to see in the future? We also talked to the customers, the managers and the people on the street.


The key take out (if you’ll forgive the pun) was environmental sustainability. How could the fabric and the designs help make a difference to the planet? How could we wear our hearts on our sleeves?

In response, we helped initiate a partnership with design star Wayne Hemingway who brought in Worn Again, a radical company who construct new materials from recycled material.

It was a match made in heaven. Less landfill, more smiles, greater comfort and durability – and everyone loves it.