Reports  |  15 September 2014

Café society.

More than just coffee.

The involvement of cafés in society has gradually evolved from culinary pit stops, to hotspots for work, play and community connections. From themed cafés to networking hubs, each environment boasts unique qualities to set themselves apart from the crowd. Below are just a few examples fuelling inspiration throughout our office.

Nespresso serve ‘no coffee to go’ aimed at encouraging consumers to savour the coffee experience. Here coffee specialists are on hand to offer personalised advice, provide guidance or share their expertise with you, giving each customer a wealth of information at their fingertips.

Roots and Bulbs have row upon row of fresh, vibrantly coloured, cold pressed carrot or green juice, as well as smoothies and salads. Here the focus is on doing few things really well.

The Molecule Water Café is filtering the New York’s tap water down to its purest form so that it can be served back to the public.

Through subjection to an intensive, seven-step filtration process that uses ultraviolet light, ozone treatments, reverse osmosis and carbon filtration, Molecule serve “pharmaceutical-grade water”, according to the company’s website.

The Terminal in Harajuku, Tokyo is a new café / creative-workspace, aiming to combine community spirit with a productive working environment. The spaces offer sofas to unwind on, magazines and books for inspiration, and a selection of refreshments from coffee to beer. Two private meeting rooms, a function room and a rooftop terrace add an additional allure.

Italian banking chain ChaintiBanca sought inspiration from the hospitality sector to create an increasingly personalised experience at their new branch in Florence, Italy.

Now, customers are greeted on entrance and led to a mix of coffee tables and bar-style high chairs. Here, many of the common banking transactions are carried out with associates through tablets. For times when more discretion is needed, seating booths are located at the back of the café for discreet transactions.

Austrailian patisserie Adriano Zumbo’s colourful space features macaroon wallpaper, a dessert ‘sushi train’, ‘break glass in case of emergency’ domed patisserie displays, and vibrant display bubbles inspired by the boardgame Mouse Trap.