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Sharing our experiential workshop with World Wide Fund for Nature....

How can you supercharge creativity in an organization?

At Honour, we believe that a person’s experience of a brand is built through a series of touchpoints that excite their senses, touch their hearts and stimulate their minds. To design these experiences, we often start by understanding how we want the consumer to feel, and then develop a suitable platform to deliver memorable experiences. But what if there was a way to measure their ‘experiential reaction’?

Seeking the answer to this question set us off on a trail of deep rabbit holes, literature reviews, and academic discussions. The result was a beacon of shining light in the form of four simple dimensions:

• Sensory
• Behavioral
• Intellectual
• Social

To the untrained eye these may seem curious, but to the trained Honour eye these hold the potent power to create holistic experiences, to reveal insights that drive innovation, yet most importantly, to measure ‘experiential reactions’. All we needed now was a chance to really explore the power these words held through an exciting brief.

This chance came in the from The Living Planet Centre, home to WWF-UK, who invited us to hold a workshop using our four dimensions as creative springboards to revolutionise their membership package.

The day revolved around a dynamic co-creation workshop structured to evaluate WWF’s current membership package, and build on areas of highlighted opportunity. It was fantastic to see members of WWF getting excited about how easy our methodology allowed the creation of ideas. As a trickle of ideas turned into a torrent, we worked in teams to refine each vision before ending the workshop with 4 inspirational presentations.

Working with WWF helped us refine a proven methodology for supercharging creativity within an organization. If you would like to hear more about our experiential workshops, please get in touch and we’d be glad to share more details. If your lucky, we may even bring along our bite sized ‘experiential workshop’ board game for the meeting.