Bringing Brands Alive.

Over a decade designing the identities, spaces and experiences that bring brands alive.

At Honour we’re driven by the ability to help shape the world we live in. Whether it’s a world-class airline lounge, hotel or onboard an A380 – we focus on the relationship between people, behaviours and spaces.

Using a fusion of architecture, interior, graphic and human centred design to challenge ourselves, inspire our clients and emotionally connect with customers – we build brands that live in the hearts and minds of customers – forever.

Unique in our design approach – we use a psychological process focusing on the way we experience stimuli: sensory, intellectual, behavioural and social. Together, they provide a vital lens to understand and analyse how we interact with brands across a customer journey. The result – people focused insights that drive targeted innovation and design across every touchpoint.

The need to travel and explore our surroundings is inherent in all of us – at Honour it’s fostered a globally curious mindset and culture of collaboration, bringing new perspectives to our work and keeping us in-touch with the world around us. We believe it’s this distinctly human behaviour that promotes strong design thinking and the right environment to stimulate that precious moment when brands come to life.

Honour is not only a well-known creative agency with a strong background in the aviation industry, but it has also developed to the extent of becoming a RIBA chartered architecture practice. After a long period designing high quality interiors for brands, the company is now involved on designing, managing and delivering full scale architecture projects, including master planning, architecture, landscape, interiors and FFE design. Honour is a brand-driven architecture practice that aims for successfully delivering architecture projects that cleverly convey the brand values of our clients, combining this way the traditional expertise of architects with the insights of our branding experience.